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i changed my mind

I Change My Mind is for people who have not changed their thinking and failed to lose weight by changing what, how, where and why the eat. You must change you how to think to lose weight and keep it off!

You Cannot Solve Your Weight Problems with the Same Thinking You Used To Create Your Weight Problems

This anonymous statement is so true. Diet programs focus on changing what you eat. Research has shown that people can lose weight with almost every diet. However, approximately 80% to 95% of people who have lost weight, regain their lost weight or more within 3 to 5 years.


Only changing what you eat does not work. Failing to successfully change thinking and feeling to manage the urges to eat what you want to eat are the missing ingredients to why people fail to maintain weight loss. Knowing how to change thinking is complicated and most people can’t do it on their own.


I Changed My Mind will provide you with the necessary thoughts and thinking processes necessary to manage your urges and thinking that created your weight problems.

To learn more about each of the e-books of the I Changed My Mind program, click here.

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let me explain
who i am

I will share with you my professional experience, my frightening addiction, struggles, and success.


First of all, I have a doctorate degree from Michigan State University in Clinical Psychology. My dissertation was a study on the power and working of the unconscious mind. I have practiced psychology in the state of Michigan for 50 years. I will be forever grateful to my many clients who have taught me the thought processes necessary to replace flawed thinking and painful disappointments with satisfying, empowering thoughts and enduring achievements.


The time has come to share with you what I have learned. Let me share with you my personal experience. Back in the 1980s, I could not breathe because I could not stop smoking.


Let us teach you how to think so whatever diet you use can be successful in maintaining your weight loss

Have your ever thought:

•  I hate obsessing about eating and weight
•  I hate worrying about eating and how I look
•  I hate feeling sad and guilty about my weight
•  I hate it when my clothes don't fit
•  I hate avoiding what I want to do
•  I hate my body
•  I hate dieting
•  I hate dieting and failing
•  I hate losing weight and gaining it back
•  I hate diet plans that don't work
•  I don't care anymore about my weight
•  I know what I have to do; I just don't do it
•  Nothing works for me.

If you have been thinking about some of these thoughts, it will be necessary to change how you think to obtain your desired weight. I Changed My Mind is an educational program to empower your thinking to successfully actualize your desired weight and generate feelings of happiness, peace of mind, freedom, and control of your life.

Although I am a fully licensed psychologist in the state of Michigan, I Changed My Mind is not a psychological treatment or a counseling program.  If you are suffering from psychiatric or psychological symptoms, please seek psychiatric or psychological treatment in your community.  I Changed My Mind is an educational program developed over the course of my psychological practice.  The entire program or parts of the program can be purchased.  Coaching is also available to help you apply the I Change My Mind programs.

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