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I will share with you my professional experience, my frightening addiction, struggles, and success.


First of all, I have a doctorate degree from Michigan State University in Clinical Psychology. My dissertation was a study on the power and working of the unconscious mind. I have practiced psychology in the state of Michigan for 50 years. I will be forever grateful to my many clients who have taught me the thought processes necessary to replace flawed thinking and painful disappointments with satisfying, empowering thoughts and enduring achievements. The time has come to share with you what I have learned.


Let me share with you my personal experience. Back in the 1980s, I could not breathe because I could not stop smoking. I could not sleep at night and breathe. I was frustrated and desperate. I tried all of the usual ways to stop smoking and found myself smoking more. Desperation turned into panic and despair. I felt overwhelmed, hopeless, and clueless. I had to stop smoking but did not know how to do it. I was on the path to an early death.


I felt so embarrassed and ashamed. I considered myself to be smart and well educated. My failure to stop smoking was devastating. I felt my self-confidence and self-esteem plummeting.


I knew I had to change something. I had heard that it was important to change how to think. Knowing that I had to change how I think frustrated me more as I did not know how to think to stop smoking. I tried all types of affirmations to no avail. The darkness associated with smoking intensified and the light at the end of the tunnel was dimming.


As a psychologist I had researched how to stop self-defeating behavior. Again nothing clicked. Finally I stumbled onto a solution that worked! It was a solution that I never would have figured out on my own. I suffered just like you have suffered, because the solution is not what we think it should be.  I never would have been able to figure it out on my own.


As I thought about the solution, it was very clear to me that it was psychologically sound. During my college days, I learned a theory to explain why this simple, unknown solution worked. Unfortunately, none of my professors had made the theories practical. Now, the theory was practical! I was ecstatic and hopeful!


The solution is both simple and complex. In order to stop smoking, I had to change my mind and brain. I had to think differently. It was necessary to use a combination of thoughts to program my mind and brain so I could stop smoking. Having to find the combination of thoughts was the complex part. Once the unknown combination of thoughts was discovered, I simply repeated the thoughts to reprogram my mind and brain. The solution was both easy and hard to do. It was easy to repeat the 3 thoughts and it felt right when I repeated the 3 thoughts. It was difficult because I had to remember to frequently repeat the 3 thoughts.


By repeating the elusive, empowering combination of thoughts, I unleashed the power of my unconscious and conscious mind to work together. I am happy to say I have been enjoying the benefits of being a non-smoker for over 35 years. I am no longer embarrassed and ashamed because of smoking. I am a better role model which is very important to me. I have confidence in my ability to think powerfully and make changes in my life.  I now feel happy, peaceful, free, and in control of my life. I am so happy I can breathe!


After discovering the powerful combination thoughts, I have applied these thoughts in psychological counseling with people of all ages and problems. These thoughts have helped people in many ways. When I introduce the thoughts to people they sometimes are initially surprised and skeptical.  Skepticism quickly turns into belief and excitement. Once they understand the reasoning behind the thoughts, they become empowered and determined. After applying the thoughts in their lives, they have enjoyed the benefits of success.


If you have struggled like I struggled, I want to share with you what I know. To guide you through the chaos and confusion about losing and maintaining your weight loss. I put together the e-book, How To Lose Weight and Keep It Off. This e-book contains the three powerful thoughts necessary for you to become successful.


Not everyone thinks alike. Other thought patterns to supplement the original three thought have helped people solidify their success. Surprisingly each thought pattern is an independent, completely different program to achieve your goals. We provide different ways to think to reach your goals. You freely choose what program or programs works best for you. You can now get the Six Basic Programs from the I Changed My Mind and My Body Changed program.


Coaching is also available for those who learn best when they interact and who want personal assistance and direction in applying the programs. We are here to support and coach you if this will be of help to you.


If you want to know the theory behind the basic 3 thoughts in the How to Think to Lose Weight and Keep It off e-book, the theory is provided in the Weight Loss Dynamics package.

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