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how it works

how the program works

I Changed My Mind is for people who have failed in self-help, weight loss and fitness programs. We believe that people who have been unable to lose weight or maintain their weight loss are not failures. The programs they used are not failures.
If you want to successfully lose and maintain weight loss, you must change your mind and how you think!

I Changed My Mind will show you how to change your mind and thinking to successfully lose weight and maintain weight loss!

We suggest that you add "I Changed My Mind" to your weight loss program. I Changed My Mind is a program to empower your mind to successfully lose weight and maintain a healthy and fit body.

I Changed My Mind is a true statement. People sometimes are not aware of the power and limitations resulting from their thinking. Your thinking will determine whether you gain, lose or maintain weight loss.


Probably you have heard the statement, "you have to change your thinking to lose weight." Maybe the statement is a new insight for you. Perhaps you have never thought that is necessary to change your thinking in order to achieve your weight loss goals. For many people, it is necessary to change their thinking to lose weight and maintain weight loss. To lose weight and maintain weight loss, you must change how you think.


What are the powerful thoughts that generate weight loss? What are the thoughts and combination of thoughts that generate weight loss and maintaining weight loss? These thoughts are identified in I Changed My Mind.

You Cannot Solve Your Weight Problems with the Same Thinking You Used To Create Your Weight Problems

This anonymous statement is so true. Diet programs focus on changing what you eat. Research has shown that people can lose weight with almost every diet. However, approximately 80% to 95% of people who have lost weight, regain their lost weight or more within 3 to 5 years.


Only changing what you eat does not work. Failing to successfully change thinking and feeling to manage the urges to eat what you want to eat are the missing ingredients to why people fail to maintain weight loss. Knowing how to change thinking is complicated and most people can’t do it on their own.


I Changed My Mind will provide you with the necessary thoughts and thinking processes necessary to manage your urges and thinking that created your weight problems.

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