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OUR Approach

The conflict between
the Conscious and the Subconscious

Simple affirmations about being successful in weight loss are too simplistic and often fail to provide reliable results. Our brains are very complex. Parts of our brain are sometimes in conflict and prevent successful weight loss. Sometimes, there appears to be a resistance to lose weight and become more active.

People can have a powerful, comforting and loving connection to eating, which prevents weight loss. There might be a conflict between our conscious and subconscious mind with regards to weight loss.

Our thinking may associate weight loss with being unloved and deprived. Our thinking may equate weight loss to feeling punished. All of these potential problems in thinking can prevent successful weight loss and maintenance.

Often, people attempt to think rationally to lose weight and maintain weight loss. If a rational, logical approach works for you, then, by all means, continue that approach.

However, for most people, rational thoughts and affirmations about losing weight usually fail and can sometimes result in an increase in weight. When you cannot lose weight or gain weight by dieting and exercising, the conscious and unconscious mind are working against each other. Although rational thought processes seem reasonable, they are often unsuccessful in losing and maintaining weight loss. Although rational thought processes are often unsuccessful, people continue to think in the same old ways and have the same old results.

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it's simple: change the way you think

If you have been very compliant with a weight loss program and failed to experience benefits from your efforts and determination, it is necessary for you to change how you think to enable your brain to achieve weight loss. If shedding pounds is important to you, you can be successful by changing how you think and applying new thoughts on a regular basis.

I Changed My Mind is not a psychological counseling program. I Changed My Mind is not a psychological or psychiatric form of treatment. If you have significant psychological or psychiatric symptoms, we suggest that you seek psychiatric and psychological counseling. I Changed My Mind is an educational program learned and applied through mental fitness programming. Educational thought patterns will be taught.


These thought patterns must be repeated on a regular basis much as physical exercises are repeated in a physical fitness program. The mental fitness exercises are repeated on a regular basis to reprogram the mind. It is necessary to reprogram our minds, because there are often conflicts between the conscious and unconscious mind that need to be reduced or there are resistances to rational thoughts to lose weight.


Once the mind has been reprogrammed with the mental fitness exercises, the likelihood of achieving weight loss goals is much improved. The conscious and unconscious mind will work together in order to obtain success.


Success with I Changed My Mind will be dependent on repetition of mental exercises on a regular basis to change your conscious thinking and reprogram your mind for ongoing success.

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