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There are six basic programs to maximize your gaining and maintaining your satisfying weight in the program.  Six strategies to ensure your success.

If you purchase the Turnaround Eating Choice and this package, you will save 34% on your purchase of this package.


This product includes the following e-Books:

  • The Turnaround Eating Program is the program to turn self-defeating thoughts and behaviors such as “I want to eat what I want and be lazy” into successful thinking to help you gain your satisfying weight.
  • The Wake-Up Program is the program to provide empowering reinterpretations of your self-defeating thoughts, feelings, behaviors, activities, relationships, or external circumstances associated with your being overweight as signals to refocus and act to achieve and live at your satisfying weight.
  • The Big Program is the program to reprogram your mind to take care of yourself and to identify the benefits of taking care of yourself.
  • The Power Program is the program to apply three steps to successfully achieve any goal that is necessary to take care of you or to live at your satisfying weight.
  • The Responsible Program is the program to cope effectively with the frustrations necessary to achieve and live at your satisfying weight.
  • The Check Point Program is the program to check your progress to make sure you are thinking to gain and live at your satisfying weight and second to ensure you are feeling satisfied during the pursuit of gaining your satisfactory weight as well as when you are at your satisfying weight.

6 Basic Programs (e-Book)

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$79.00Sale Price
  • Please note that this is a digital product. You will receive the download file via email shortly after your payment is verified.

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