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Weight Loss Dynamics will give you a practical understanding of why people gain weight and cannot lose weight in spite of their urgent commitment to lose weight.  Our brains and psychological dynamics are miraculously fine-tuned and very powerful.  In order to lose weight and keep it off, the dynamics in your mind must change.  Desperation, motivation and simple affirmations are not enough.  Diets won’t work, if the dynamics in your mind and brain don’t change!


You probably did not know you had to change how you think to lose weight and not lose your weight loss.


You probably had no clue what to think to lose and maintain your weight loss.


You probably won’t be able to discover on your own how to successfully think.


Why struggle to find the right thoughts.  We don’t think you can identify the thoughts and sequencing of thinking on your own.  The necessary thoughts are not intuitive.  The unknown thoughts must also be in the right sequence.


Weight Loss Dynamics will unlock the psychological dynamics necessary for you to loose weight and keep it off!  By changing your psychological dynamics, you will be have the missing necessity to make any diet work.


It does not matter how many times you have failed to lose weight and keep it off.  You probably failed, because you did not know how to think.  Don’t blame yourself!  You did the best you could without having the instructions on how to think so you could succeed.


Let us show you how to change your thinking. By changing your thinking and by using your favorite diet plan, you can now become successful.


Weight Loss Dynamics will provide the theory and explanation to change your thinking so you can use lose and maintain your weight loss.  The theory is practically applied in the Turnaround Eating Choice and the Turnaround Diet Choice.


Weight Loss Dynamics is part of the total program, I Changed My Mind and My Body Changed.


Coaching is also available to help you apply this theory in your pursuit of your satisfying weight.

Weight Loss Dynamics (e-Book)

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