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Choose Your Satisfying Weight Instead of Your Comfort Foods

Updated: May 25, 2022

- May 26, 2021 / Dr. Hal -

Do You Really Want to Eat Comfort foods?

Taming urges for eating forbidden foods is a struggle. Remember when you committed to gaining your satisfying weight and you lost weight. Recall how good you felt with your new body image and outlook on life.

Although you enjoyed your satisfying weight, eating right was still a struggle. You liked your weight loss, but the gorgeous sights and enticing aromas of your favorite foods, the forbidden foods were beginning to fill your mind. Besides, eating the right foods was becoming a chore. You wanted your comfort foods. You were tempted. You may have forgotten that you wanted you comfort weight more than your comfort foods.

The more you denied yourself of the stuff you really wanted, the more you seemed to want it.

What did you do? Did you eat the forbidden foods or did you eat the right food to gain your satisfying weight?

Denise Wakeman had a wonderful website for people who want to be healthy and slim. In one of her postings, Denise asked for strategies to reduce this struggle. I gave her this suggestion.

Imagine, your desired, forbidden foods with their tantalizing aromas and delicious appearances in front of you. Now visualize yourself taking two steps towards the tempting foods. Stop and turn around. Now you are no longer looking at the desired foods and the attractive foods are no longer in your sight.

Now visualize yourself walking towards the thin you. You want the benefits from being at your satisfying weight. Fill your mind with the benefits from being thin. Immerse yourself in your satisfying weight Notice your energy, the lightness in your step, and the ease of your movements. Enjoy what you see in the mirror. Realize your improved health. Feel your emotional well-being. Claim your happiness and peace of mind. You are free.

Take the time and make a compelling and satisfying list of benefits for being thin or enjoying you satisfying weight. You can only have these benefits if you are thin.

Now, the struggle is no longer between eating and not eating forbidden foods. You will never make the choice to not eat forbidden foods.

I have written about this strategy and why it works in the e-book, ​I Changed My Mind Eating Turnaround Choice and in the e-book, How to Think to Lose Weight and Keep It Off Program. Remember, You Live in the Body Created by Your Choices!

Dr. Hal

Live and Mental Fitness Coach


Dr. Hal

I am a fully licensed psychologist in the State of Michigan. My undergraduate degree is from the University of Michigan and my Ph.D. is from Michigan State University. I have been in private practice for over 45 years. I am deeply grateful for past opportunities to provide counseling to so many clients with psychological and addictive issues. My clients have taught me so much about how to solve problems and maintain successes. Now, I am excited to share with you what I have learned from counseling others in my educational E-Books, courses, and membership. Let me provide for you practical, educational insights and strategies to help you lose weight and maintain your satisfying weight. Regarding my personal life, I am married with four grown children and eleven grandchildren.

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